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I love GoDive, what can i do to help
Thank you!
GoDive is intended to be a community and provide as much relevant information to our users on scuba. So just tell your friends about it. Tell your local dive shop/center about GoDive and as them to register.
Feedback and rate our app on the store. You are welcomed to send us your dive locations so we can add them for others to enjoy.
And of course - always practice safe diving.
When will GoDive be available on iOS
Right now we are in an early process of product realisation and so do not have an end date for iOS release. We will make a formal announcement when an iOS version is to be available
How can i contact GoDive staff
We maintain a live email box for all purposes at support@godive-app.com
How safe is the session planner
The GoDive planner uses decompression information provided to the general public by PADI, making it as safe as using traditional RDP charts.

GoDive is still in beta - it is possible that a bug might effect the result presented by the planner. At the moment we instruct our users to double check the results against another media (please feel free to email us in case of an issue)
How can i delete my account
While we're sad to see you leave. You can apply to have your account deleted completely from our database by sending an email to our support line. Use the email account associated with your GoDive account and our representative will provide assistance.
Please note that we cannot restore deleted accounts!
I'm a business owner, how can i change/remove my business information
Right now we do not offer an interface for individuals to modify their businesses in the system - but we do work on it. At the meantime changing/deleted business information can be done by emailing our support email, describing the changes requested and providing any additional images you wish to set for you business record.

You may only change information of a business you own. If your business has not been claimed yet, please do so before sending your request.
How do i add a place (diving location/center/shop/clinic) to GoDive map
Welcome aboard!. Right now all locations and places are added by our staff - an automated location and places creation feature is under development.
For now Please use your account email to email our support staff, providing as much information as you can and attaching any images you wish to associated with the new entry.
Our staff members will validate the information and add the new place/location to the system.
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